Heavy, Huge, Parcel shipping services

A specialised solution for oversized shipments. Streamlining logistics, we offer secure and prompt delivery of bulky items, from furniture to industrial equipment.

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Products collected from your warehouse or supplier, Store & manage your stock in our own warehouse.

Heavy delivery

Delivering furniture and electrical items to house, carefully, safely and without damage or fuss.

Extra-large express

Volumes covered with our own fleet 95% + of all deliveries, covered on our own fleet, allowing greater control and improved service

Secure courier for all your packages

Use of mechanical equipment to move products, Unloading of containers, Secure storage of goods

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about our services

About Our Team

Warehouse Manager

Shipping manager

Shipping manager

We provide the best and fastest courier services nowadays

Our Misson

At XLCourier, Our mission is to redefine logistics by providing a specialized Extra Large Parcel Courier Service that ensures swift, secure, and reliable delivery of oversized items. Committed to customer satisfaction, we strive to simplify the transportation of bulky goods, exceeding expectations with efficiency, transparency, and unmatched service excellence.